We love to create.

From the design phase to construction we love on the process. We love the hand sketched drawings, the feel of the wood, and the interaction with the finished piece of furniture. Allowing the furniture to be born from use brings simple joy in a home. Subtile details make it beautiful and the culmination of hours of work creating something that will hopefully be passed to future generations. Not because the furniture has monetary value but because of the memories it carries with it.


Quality Time

We have a wonderful opportunity to share with our children and teach them the value of creating with their hands.

Their naturally inquisitive minds provide excitement to learn new things and challenge themselves in different ways. Allowing them to design something from the beginning and then taking the time to build it so they can see it come to life. Cleaning off the workbench and spending an evening painting provides so much joy for all involved.

It’s a place where we can share a slower pace to life. So much of the shop experience for us is about a quiet retreat from the chaos of daily life. A place we can think and create at will. Sharing that with our children is the most rewarding of all.


Lumber Selection

Leaving the wood natural is our way of paying homage to nature's consistency of imperfection. Many of the knots, cracks and what would otherwise be known as defects are structurally stabilized and incorporated into the overall design of the piece.

The wood is sourced from local, family owned saw mills and each board is hand picked for a use in a specific design. Many pieces are placed on the shelf for years until that perfect application arises. 


Jones Sawmill

Cabot, PA


The Shop

Pittsburgh, PA

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